Dr. Aurélie Béglé

PhD, Chief Scientist

15 years experience in Medical Devices and Ophtalmology (R&D early stage to pre-clinical studies, Quality and Regulatory Affairs)

Dr. Amaury Guillermin

PHD, R&D Biomechanics ENGIneer

6 years experience in Biomechanics, especially in device instrumentation, computational studies and soft tissues mechanics

Alexane Miliano

Laboratory TEchnician

5 years experience in healthcare research (preclinical and cellular/biochemistry techniques)

Aurélie Quérat

Laboratory Technician

7 years experience in pre-clinical studies (CRO) and veterinary healhtcare.


Gilles Bos

Co-founder, Serial successfull entrepreneur

30 years of successful experience in the world of health care and medical devices, included ophthalmology and aesthetics. The marketing success followed by the trade sale of Anteis SA enabled Gilles to acquire great ease in company and project management, as well as the capacity to plan and monitor the implementation of middle and long-term development strategies at Board of Directors level. Gilles Bos holds an engineer diploma at Arts et Métiers Paris (France) and a training on Business Administration

David Enfrun

Co-founder, CEO, MSC

20 years of experience in the medical devices industry. David has been working in small structures, essentially start-ups, and developed quickly from key manager positions to senior executive role. During his very last experience, David actively participated to the exit scenario of Endosense SA and the corresponding due diligence activities which finally ended to a very successful trade sale to St Jude Medical. David holds an engineer diploma at Arts et Métiers Paris (France) and specifics trainings on quality, regulatory, marketing and finance.

International key opinion leaders

Pr. Philippe Gain & Pr. Gilles Thuret


« Searcher -Finder » as he calls himself, Pr. Philippe Gain is Director of the ophthalmologic department of the St-Etienne hospital and specialized in corneal transplant.

Also in the St-Etienne hospital, Pr. Gilles Thuret is on his side implied in various innovations from corneal transplant to retinal surgery.

Their tandem founded the BIIO (former BiiGC) where they infused their own personality : action and pragmatism. Deeply engaged in the medtech ecosystem of the St-Etienne area, they have also a strong experience in transplantation of the science « in the lab » to the industry.

Pr. Rudolf Guthoff


Pr. Guthoff is professor of ophthalmology, head of the university of the eye department at the university of Rostock (Germany). He has specific scientific interest in biomechanical aspects of accommodation and lens implantation, had several functions or honors and awarded memberships in several societies since 1978. He is still the President of the European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ESOPRS) and Vice‐Dean for Scientific Affairs and Research Development of the Medical Faculty of Rostock University, Germany.

Dr. Vet. Pierre-François Isard


Dr Pierre-François Isard is a French specialist in ophthalmology working in the Veterinary Hospital Saint-Martin (Annecy, France). After obtaining his veterinary degree from the National Veterinary School of Lyon (ENVL), he dedicated his work in veterinary ophthalmology practice and research. During his career, he has been particularly involved in research to promote development of ophthalmologic devices and surgical methods adapted to small animals and equine. He is also strongly involved in the promotion of veterinary ophthalmology activity and is a founding member of many French scientific societies (SFEROV, AFEP-MHOC, REOVVA)

Dr. Michael Assouline


Dr. Assouline, MD,PhD, is a french ophthalmic surgeon, specialized in refractive surgery since 1986 in France and USA. In 1999 is a co-founder of « Clinique de la Vision » in Paris, pionneering in France LASIK surgery and, though, leading this field in France since then. He is also known as a pioneer of premium IntraOcular Lenses and a cornea expert. Since 2000, Dr. Assouline is president of InCLO association “surgical and Lasers innovations in Ophthalmology. Since 2001, Dr. Assouline is one of the 12th surgeons consultant-expert in Bausch & Lomb group. In 2010, he left his chief redacto position in professional review (Ophthalmology) and Dr Assouline founded « Centre Iéna Vision » in Paris.

Dr. Renato Ambrosio


Ophthalmologic surgeon specializing in corneal and refractive surgery. Dr. Ambrósio practices at the Rio de Janeiro Corneal Tomography and Biomechanics Study Group and is recognized for his work on CXL and corneal biomechanics.

Dr. Christian de Courten


Dr. Christian de Courten is a swiss ophtalmologic surgeon in Lausanne, but also a senior surgical partner nd adviso
at Swiss Visio, a leading refractive surgical center in Switzerland.

External contributors

Aurélien Maurer


Expert in numerical simulation, Aurelien Maurer is graduated from Arts et Metiers Paristech (Industry, Mechanical engineering) and from Université Paris V (Bio-enginnering in neurosciences). Former R&D Engineer at Kejako, where he conceived and developped both the eye model and the concept of the phakorestoration, he is now technical advisor for the next scientific steps.

Mario Carta


Mario Carta is vice president of Emmeci 4, family owned since 1977. Emmeci 4 is now the leader in North Italy for medical devices distribution with specialty in ophthalmology.

He did open the contact with the Ophthalmic department of Parma and Verona hospital – Italy

Represented respectively by Professor Gandolfi and Professor Marchini, ophthalmic surgeons and head of their ophthalmic departments.